Adopt-a-Library Program

Each year, the BC and Yukon Book Prizes sends several finalist authors on tour around the province. As part of BC and Yukon Book Prizes author tour, the authors will travel to communities across the province and territory, visiting one elementary school and one high school in each community, as well as reading at a public event hosted by a local bookstore or library, where their books will be sold.

The Adopt-a-Library program is a long-running project that allows donors to direct sets of shortlisted books (valued at $500) to a school library of their choosing. In its fledgling year (2007), the Adopt-a-Library program confirmed six sponsors who supported eight schools, for a funding total of $4,000. To date, we have raised a combined total of $80,000 worth of books for schools in communities across BC.

With this contribution, elementary and secondary schools across BC and Yukon are exposed to the best of literary arts within their own regions. We see the program as a great opportunity to provide valuable resources and sources of inspiration for the young and growing generation of the region’s youth.

Margaret Olmstead of Bulkley Valley Credit Union with Teacher Librarian, Teresa Monkman of Smithers Secondary School, and Bryan Pike (Smithers, 2007)

Mike Berg from Columbia Basin Trust with Donation to Redfish Elementary (Nelson, 2008)

Indigenous Youth Outreach

The BC and Yukon Book Prizes have been at work developing several initiatives that aim to make the Prizes more accessible to Indigenous youth living in remote areas across BC and Yukon.

Phase one of this project will make use of our Adopt-a-Library program. During this initial phase, we intend to identify schools, libraries and cultural centres in Indigenous communities that would most benefit from receiving directed sponsorships through the Adopt-a-Library program, pairing them with donors in their vicinity.

In 2020, we aim to place sets of shortlisted books in at least 40 centres across the province and territory, with a minimum 50% of those centres based in remote Indigenous communities. We will also compile, as an order form, a list exclusively made up of books by Indigenous authors who have been shortlisted for the Prizes over the past five years, which the centres may then use to make their book selections. With this initiative, we hope to increase the chance that Indigenous youth across the region will see themselves reflected in excellent literature, while also increasing the profiles of the brilliant Indigenous authors with whom we’re grateful to be associated.

Phase two of this initiative will identify Indigenous communities and centres along the Prizes Tour route where we can host readings, panels, and workshops, allowing Indigenous youth to  directly interact with some of the best literary creators our region has to offer.

As a School Sponsor ($500 per school) of the Adopt-A-Library program you would be recognized in the following ways:

  • You will be invited to present the library of books to the school(s) you have adopted
  • Your name will appear on a book plate in each book donated to your adopted school(s) that reads, “Donated by [Your Name Here]”
  • You will receive name recognition on the BC and Yukon Book Prizes website

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