Be a Sponsor

Sponsor an Award

As an Award Category Sponsor, attach your name to one of the prizes to be awarded at the gala dinner as well as receive recognition on various promotional materials. As a sponsor you are supporting an important and vital literary tradition in British Columbia that celebrates and promotes local authors.

Support BC Book Prizes On Tour

By bringing finalist authors to bookstores, libraries and public schools, together we will encourage the development of the literary arts in British Columbia and promote interaction among authors, young people and the general public. Sponsors of the BC Book Prizes tour will enjoy recognition before, at and between events in several locations across BC.


As part of the BC Book Prizes On Tour, we invite you to leave a lasting, tangible legacy of authors’ visits to each school by donating a complete library of the BC Book Prize finalist books. Sponsors can enjoy meeting their sponsored school face-to-face, having company recognition on book plates, name recognition during the gala and more. [Find out more.]

For details about any of the above sponsorship opportunities or to have a pdf of our sponsorship booklet sent to you, contact Bryan Pike at 604-687-2403 or email us.