Hubert Evans Non-Fiction Prize

Awarded to the author(s) of the best original work of literary non-fiction. Topics such as philosophy, politics, biography, history, belles lettres, etc. Quality of research and writing along with insight and originality are major considerations in the judging of this prize.

Supported by the BC Teachers’ Federation

Eligibility Criteria in addition to General Criteria:

  • The author(s) must have lived in B.C./Yukon for the past 12 months or have lived in B.C./Yukon for at least three of the past five years.
  • The book may have been published anywhere.
  • Reprints, revised editions, guide books, cookbooks, and how-to books will not be considered for this prize.

Evans, Hubert Reginald, writer (b. at Vankleek Hill, Ont 9 May 1892; d. at Sechelt, BC 17 June 1986). He became a reporter in 1910 and, after service overseas in WWI, was a fisheries officer in northern BC. In 1925 he decided to write full-time and in 1927 began supporting his family by writing articles, short stories, serials, radio plays and books for juveniles. His first novel, The New Front Line (1927), was about a returned veteran. Mist on the River (1954), described cultural conflicts in an Indian village.

While in his 80s he wrote 3 books of poetry and published a new novel, O Time in Your Flight (1979), about a boy in Ontario in 1899. Evans’s writing career spanned 7 decades; Margaret Laurence called him the elder of the tribe. In 1984 he received an honorary degree from Simon Fraser University.

Author: BERT (A.E.) NELSON
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